About The Author

I was brought up in Australia where wildlife and beaches became part of my life; ever since I have passed on my passion for animals and plants in wild places through lecturing, teaching, writing and creating ceramics.


Talking to a Possum & Kennelmaiding as a student.               

I have taught science - Biology, Zoology, Botany and Chemistry in secondary schools and led sixth form discussion groups on ethical and environmental outcomes of biological advances. I have lectured for adult evening classes and led short (very short) natural history walks. During this time, I was a volunteer for the local WiIdlife Trust checking rare plant habitats.

I was Bath Wildlife Watch leader for 19 years, 1986 – 2005, only retiring due to health issues. (Wildlife Watch is the junior branch of the Wildlife Trusts and the UK’s leading environmental action club for children and families). My Watch group became familiar with a global world beyond our local wildlife – with emphasis on scientific facts and the subtle interdependence of animals on each other, the environment and the knock-on effects of modern everyday life and the importance of conservation. The group created a pamphlet on ‘Having a Green Christmas’ with games and drawings conceived and done by the children to ‘get the message across’. I delivered it to schools and libraries in the area.



Game pamphlet by Wildlife Watch children & Reef revelations turned our son into a diver.

Coral reefs, penguins,  whales and dolphins were favourite topics with the children and an ongoing activity was raising money to sponsor their favourite whales and dolphins with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (now WDC ). They also voted money raised to go to the World Land Trust for the Danjugan Island Support fund (an island of rain forest and reefs).

Having a 'Rainforest Feast' to raise money for the Amazon Basin project in Equador.

To my delight, years later one of my Watch children went there diving on a conservation project. We also supported their Ecuador rainforest as noted on their webpage. The group also supported and did local tree planting.Every year I led the group carol singing door to door raising money for WWF rainforest, particularly Korup in Camaroon which over the years amounted to a couple of thousand pounds.